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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another post from the past

Let me just continue from where I left off. I was back in KL for another week or so before heading back to Newcastle. There I spent quality time with my baby. I'd made sure we utilize our time to the fullest together which includes Valentine's Day. We went to Jogoya for the very first time and I bet it won't be our last. It's a high class Japanese Buffet centred in the middle of the city. It cost me Rm 200+ for the both of us. But it's money worth. Japanese food loves must come here. Trust me, you MUST come here. The food are all of top quality and exquisite. I just can't began to express the sensation of putting raw food into my mouth. I usually dislike eating uncooked food but in this case, I'll make it an exception. We had a lovely time there and luckily we booked the seats two days before. On Valentine's Day itself, the place was packed with hungry couples waiting to tear the joint apart. Okay, now I'm making them sound like a pack of starving wolves.

Anyway, this post won't be complete with heaps of photos right? So here goes.

*I couldn't help it. Baby was putting make-up whereas I basically had nothing to do but this*

*The Pavillion*

*So so happy*

*In front of Jogoya. The restaurant was nice enough to email us an edited version of a Valentine couple photo to us*

*We started off slow*

*Then comes the main dishes*

*which includes a complementary 'love' lobster as they say*

*Some alcohol maybe?*

*We even ordered soft-shell crab. FREAKING DELICIOUS!*

*My love one*

*Gelato and Haagen Dans, ARGH unlimited!!*

After dinner we head to The Pavillion to watch Kung Fu Dunk starring baby's favourite Jay Chou. It was quite good apart from flying here and there. Good storyline and build up. The next day we head to Mid valley for my most anticipated movie of the year, Jumper starring Hayden Christiansen and Rachel Bilson. It's really really cool where you can blink around the world at anytime eh.

Alright guys, stay tune on my movie maniac reviews coming up real soon. cheers!


  • Hello nice to meet you.
    KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
    I am Japanese.
    I saw your wonderful site.
    Please link to this site !

    By Blogger Y-Maeda, at 12:57 PM  

  • sorry there, i don't know japanese. thanks for visiting though

    By Blogger FrItZ fRiTz, at 6:22 PM  

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